No matter your level of fitness, what degree you view a 5K or any distance, there is one common thread among runners; the need to know what time you just ran. More serious runners will make a point to catch a glimpse of the clock at the finish line while also checking their splits on a GPS watch. But a lot of runners simply forget to check it, stop their watch and simply miss the time at the finish line. 

   The natural reaction to this is to immediately approach the race timer and get your time. However, that can be the wrong move in many cases. Depending on the stage of the race, the race timer can be super busy getting the times for those who came after you. So you can wait till the awards to get your time unless you have to leave early. The best way to get the full report of your time and all those who participated is to look up the timer's website, facebook page or the race organizer's website/facebook page.

   Social media has had a deep reaching impact on races and results. Most Mississippi race timers have a functional website and are really good about getting the results posted within hours of the event. 

   When you get to the race, if you aren't familiar with the race timer, introduce yourself and make sure you know their website. Most of them also keep information and photos from the event on their facebook pages so you'll want to like their page too. Some race timers put their logo on the race bib, so you may see who it is that way. Of course the actual finish line can be a good indication of who is handling the time too.

   So what do you do if you pull up the results and you are not in them? Race timers are human and can make a mistake from time to time. Most all run backup video and can find your time. just shoot them an email and chances are, they'll have your time in a revised release of the results before the email makes it back to you.

   If you run enough races with a particular timer you'll get to know them a little more. Most of the timers you'll encounter are also runners, so they truly care to make sure it's right each time. So go easy on them if they missed you, they will get you in.

   Remember why we do this, for fun. So stressing about something that can easily be recovered is counterproductive. Take a deep breath and enjoy the company, and keep running.