Ever notice the mother or dad pushing a stroller at a race? That's dedication. Dedication to being there, and dedication to bringing your new child or children to meet your passion. Once I was in a race and I was on the 2nd row behind the "fast people". I couldn't help but notice a woman with a stroller next to me, and my initial reaction was, "right". That quickly changed over to, "I can't let her beat me" after a mile into the race. I was impressed that she was running a pretty good pace. In the end I celebrated crossing the finish line before the woman, but the reality is, had she not been pushing a stroller, she'd have beaten me. It got me to thinking, I wonder if we'll ever see a division dedicated to stroller racers? I mean why not? There could be single stroller, double stroller and even triple stroller sub-divisions. As road races explore new ways for you to get your run on, I wouldn't be surprised to see a whole race dedicated to strollers at some point. If it ever comes to that, I just hope our runner parents don't get too caught up in the moment. I mean winning isn't everything, especially when you are pushing your pride and joy across the finish line.