Once upon a time, most runners gave little thought to awards outside the usual suspects of fierce competitors. These days, the awards have expanded to include... well a lot of competitors. No longer are the top spots the only sought after awards; or the places that are most intriguing. Now there are Masters, Grand Masters and age groups in 5 and 10 year spans. Once the awards were mostly trophies and the bigger the award, the higher you placed. But since the running boom of 2010 and even before in a lot of cases, races have gotten more creative and frugal in there awards. Labor Your Legs 5K in Hattiesburg have used tiles for the last few years and carved out a nice little niche with their uniqueness. Many small races have opted for simple one design medals to save money. Some races go a little further in their design for an award such as those pictured below from the Brick Street Classic in Clinton. From statuettes to cups and plaques, many races have started to look beyond just having a race to how they can make their race an experience all it's own.