The really cool thing about running and the discovery of running by people who are just coming to understand the benefits and passion, is that those of us who have been around for a while get to experience it again through another's perspective. Such is the case when I discover a running blog of someone who is still relatively new to running. They bring a breath of fresh air and excitement that renews the passion we all feel for our sport. If you attend races long enough on a regular basis you tend to see people come and go; so when you see someone who actually puts their ideas, goals and triumphs into words, it's pretty awesome. Once such blog is Tricia Vaughn brings us along on her journey of self discovery and running milestones along the way. She is a good writer who can put a smile on your face and through words bring her race experience to you. Check out Tricia's blog and let us know about a running blog in Mississippi that caught your eye.