Getting your run on is pretty important. A lot of runners venture to the park and walking trails and tracks. For the rest of us, we like the open road. I remember as a kid I ran like I was bullet proof and had no fear of being run over. Wisdom comes with age and like many runners, I woke up to the realities that await us on the open road. Over the last 30 years, we've seen a rise in the amount of vehicles on the roads. But technology has also become one of the pitfalls drivers can fall into as cell phones and texting can distract drivers and put runners in more danger. Running against traffic is always a good idea as is wearing reflective and bright colors. But don't take it for granted that the driver will see you, you have to be ready to move further to the side of the road, sometimes at the last second. Always be aware of what is ahead of you and watch the oncoming drivers. If running with a group on the open road, make sure to run in single file to keep runners from hindering traffic. Lights especially for twilight runs or dark runs are always a good idea. Never assume the drivers see you just because you see them. Happy and safe running!