Each runner and walker chooses a race on any particular weekend for a wide variety of reasons that can range from a distance that fits into the specific training schedule they are trying to be loyal to, a race type they have never run before or simply a race they have been eyeing for some time. With more and more races popping up in the magnolia state; on any given weekend, the options are plenty. So how do you choose what race to do?

   Many people will run a race close to home. They fit their race schedule into a more complex weekend event list that can include soccer, ballet or family reunions. The most competitive runners may follow the money and look for a race that has cash prizes; but surprisingly, many runners will plan their entire weekend to attend a race and try to find other activities in the area of their event to enjoy, such as kayaking, hiking or camping.

   With so many races across our state each weekend, you could literally race in a different part of Mississippi each weekend in a quality event. No matter where you race, you'll likely be supporting a worthwhile cause, and that is the driving force behind many of the race choices we make.    

    So get out there, pick a race you've never done and experience all our beautiful state has to offer.