The Boston Marathon was held today and as always provided championship level competition. Chances are if you have been running for any length of time, you knew someone fortunate enough to be there taking on road racing's grand prize. For many of us, Boston is the finish line, reach it and you've achieved the ultimate goal. That doesn't mean you should run Boston and stop running, but to hear some of the first timers describe the overwhelming elation they feel just being there and you begin to wonder if there is anything running wise that tops it. 

   3 years ago, many of us watched in horror as the bombs went off near the finish line in Boston. To comprehend that someone would seek to ruin such a pure event of self fulfillment seemed to bend the mind. But it did happen. As I watched the events unfold live, my first thought was someone played a prank and I was mildly irritated. But then, quickly I began to understand what was actually happening and it made me angry. This event, this perfect race that should have been celebrated as a lifetime achievement for so many, was soon overshadowed by the fear, the utter desperation by race officials and emergency personnel to aid the victims and eventually begin searching for those responsible. 

    Like many communities, mine held a special run to honor those who lost their lives and those who's futures were forever changed. I participated and like many wore the printed special race bib with the words Boston Strong. 

   If you are from the Boston area, you already knew what that meant. It's an attitude that you can take on no matter what comes your way. But for the rest of us, we wore the bracelets and changed our profiles on facebook and even posted a picture or two. In a way, Boston Strong became the rallying cry for not just the city of Boston, but the country that felt the pain and anger along with our neighbors up north. We prayed for them, donated to help those who were injured and kept them in our thoughts for well beyond a year. 

   Now each year we have yet another reason to reflect on the day of the biggest marathon our country holds. The Boston Marathon was the grand prize and to some will always be, but for many, it is the day we celebrate as the world holding our hearts for the city and people we didn't know. 

   Being Boston Strong will always mean something to each of those who lived through or with that terrible day. But I know for me, being Boston Strong represents getting knocked down hard, and getting back up to keep going.