Runners are very determined if nothing else. We like our runs. We rarely like to miss a day and when we do, there is this since of missing out we feel. I have know runners who would venture out in freezing cold temps just to have the peace of mind of having run that day. You see runners our getting in their miles often in the pouring rain, and in the blazing mid day sun of summer. So what is it about running that makes us take on the elements? Perhaps it's the intangible benefits of telling ourselves it's ok, we ran. While volunteering for a Duathlon many years ago, I myself was a runner that dreaded missing a day. One of the speakers at the pre-race meal was a nationally ranked triathlete named Jan Ripple. Jan was fielding questions from the crowd when someone asked my question, "How often do you take a day off?" I was honestly not surprised to hear her say, almost never. Jan explained how not running one day, not getting out for at least 1-2 miles plays with her psyche. She simply feels better knowing she did something. That was the answer I was looking for and I felt I was on the right track. Keep in mind, not every day should be 100%. But sometimes, the simple lapse in a day or two can seem like a week. So I find it better to simply get out and run 1-2 miles or walk. Just get our there. And if it's raining, work it out if you can. Now we all have days when it's just not possible. But when you make a point to be there. The results are quite rewarding.