The Children's Center Classic 10K - 5K - Fun Run

February 28, 2017
  February 25th, 2017

    The Children's Center Classic 10K - 5K - Fun Run was held in Hattiesburg, MS for the 3rd annual event under beautiful blue skies with a crisp chill in the air. Over 400 participants registered for the annual event with 80 plus alone signing up for the fun run.
    This race was aided by the ARC Freedom Riders who are made up mostly of Pine Belt Pacer volunteers. These teams give up their time and race to push children in their racing chairs, sharing the trip with 2-3 person per team. To be at the finish and see the look of sheer excitement on the kids faces as they come to the finish line makes all the hard work that goes into this race possible. 
   As race organizers work tirelessly to make this event grow each year, many racers return for the chance to give back in a very personal way.
      Set against the backdrop of the University of Southern Mississippi's Payne Center, the Children's Center Classic is proving to be the sort of event runners throughout the state want to be a part of.

  Mark it on your calendar for February 24th, 2018 and join us in beautiful Hattiesburg.

The Nate Rogers Race For The Laces 5K

February 22, 2016
   The Race For The Laces 5K was held on February 20th in the community of Livingston, MS (between Flora and Madison). This was the 4th year of the event founded in honor of Nate Rogers. After 3 successful years holding the event in Gluckstadt at Maverick High School Track, the organizers decided to include the event in tandem with the Special Olympics Pola Palooza event. One again, the race pulled in a large crowd and the organizers were pleased with the turnout. Jim Goode of Clinton led the...
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