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     Vo2 Max: If you have been running long enough, you may have heard the term and weren't really sure what the heck it was. If you've been lucky enough to have your Vo2 Max measured, you likely have a firm grasp on the concept. 

    OK, let's go nerd for a minute. Vo2 Max is the volume of oxygen your body utilizes in a given time. By measuring this stat, you can design a training plan to help maximize the benefit you hope to achieve from the plan you are on. Most casual runners are not familiar with Vo2 Max, but more and more with information being so readily available on the web; you can read up on the scientific explanation. Almost every website I googled must have copy/pasted from the same information. Which got me to thinking; is Vo2 Max as understood as it appears to be? I am not so sure. 

    So let me break it down for you without going too techy. As your Vo2 Max rises in your training, your body processes oxygen through your muscles more efficiently. This helps you to run at a higher level more comfortably than someone with a lower Vo2 Max. Some of the faster runners, you know the guys winning the major marathons, are sporting pretty high Vo2 Max levels. 

   For a prime example of what a high Vo2 Max could mean to your PR, you don't need to look at the Kenyan runners who clearly have it figured out; but to high altitude ultra marathoner Matt Carpenter who ran for Southern Mississippi in the mid 1980s before moving to Colorado and becoming "the guy" who's won Pike's Peak 16 times in race, 6 ascents and 10 marathons. Matt's Vo2 Max was measured at 90.2 after living in Vail, Colorado for 6 years. Before moving to the mountains, his Vo2 Max was a meager 57. Don't get me wrong, 57 isn't bad, and Matt was quite a runner before going to the mountains, but this example clearly shows the benefit of a high Vo2 Max. 

    Now before you think you need to run to the mountains to build a healthy Vo2 Max into your training, there are many ways to raise your level. Hill Reps, Speed Work, and then there are the more serious and extreme oxygen deprivation techniques that might seem crazy, but for some people, they work.  But be careful not to lose site of the big picture. 

   Keep your training in perspective and consult a trainer or seasoned running coach with experience when it comes to Vo2 Max level increase. It never hurts to ask the super fast guys too. They always seem to have it figured out. 

Superman and Super Woman

Strides For Seizures Superhero 5K - Courtesy of SISU Race Timing

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Glow Run 5K - ECCC Decatur, MS

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May 2016 

May 1st ATO Campus Classic 5K - Oxford, MS Information
May 6th Light Up The Dark 5K - Tupelo, MS Informaiton
May 7th 5K For Life Run & Walk - Gulfport, MS Information
May 7th Knight Run 5K - Collinsville, MS Cancelled
May 7th Corinth Coca Cola 10K Run - Corinth, MS Information
May 7th Day In The Park 5K - Laurel, MS Information
May 7th Okatoma Festival River Run 5K - Collins, MS Information
May 7th Market Street Mardi Gras Madness 5K - Columbus, MS Information
May 13th Light Up The Corral 5K - Mantachie, MS Information
May 14th Magnolia Meltdown Half Marathon, 10K, 5K - Ridgeland, MS Information
May 14th Light Up The Night Glow Run 5K - Picayune, MS Information
May 14th The Gum Tree 10K & 2K Fun Run - Tupelo, MS Information
May 14th Over The Dam Duathlon - Coffeeville, MS Information
May 14th 12th Annual Run For Relief 5K - Gulfport, MS Information
May 14th Bulldog Run 5K - Enterprise, MS Information
May 14th A Run In Their Boots 5K - Ellisville, MS Information
May 14th Camp Out 5K Color Run - Ripley, MS Information
May 20th Get Up and Glow 5K - Laurel Information
May 21st Heart of Mississippi 5K Run/Walk - Carthage, MS Information
May 21st Pursuit of Fun 5K - Gulfport, MS Information
May 21st Heroes vs Villains 5k - Camp Shelby Hattiesburg Information
May 21st Run For Roney 5K - Ellisville Information
May 22nd Pump and Run 2 Mile / Bench Press - Hattiesburg Information
May 28th Woolmarket Biathlon #2 - Woolmarket, MS Information
May 28th St. Clare Seafood Fest 5K - Waveland, MS Information
May 28th Crayola Classic 10K/5K - Pearl, MS Information

June 2016 

June 3rd Historic Ripley Midnight 5K - Ripley, MS Informaiton
June 4th  Splash & Dash 5K - Oxford, MS Information
June 4th Crayola Classic 10k/5k - Brandon, MS Information
June 4th Veteran's Museum D-Day 5K - Laurel, MS Information
June 4th Festival 5K - Hattiesburg, MS Information
June 5th Divine Nine Dash 15K/5K - Jackson, MS Information
June 11th State Games of Mississippi Mile Trail Run - Meridian, MS Information
June 18th Coast Electric Ready Set Glow 5K - Bay St. Louis, MS Information
June 18th Purposed Driven Divas on The Run 5K - Meridian, MS Information
June 18th 3rd Annual Run In The Sun 5K - Oxford, MS Information
June 18th Chevron Charity 5K Run - Pascagoula, MS Information
June 18th CF 5K - Brookhaven, MS Information
June 24th Nightcrawler 5K - Tupelo, MS Information
June 25th State Games of Mississippi 5K Road Race - Meridian, MS Informaton
June 25th Mission At The Cross 5K - Laurel, MS Information
June 25th Tomato Festival 5K - Crystal Springs, MS Information
June 25th Woolmarket Duathlon #3 - Woolmarket, MS Information

July 2016 

July 4th Watermelon Classic 5K - Jackson, MS Information
July 4th All American Glow Run 5K - Bay Springs, MS Information
July 4th The Great Commissioner 4 Miler - Hazelhurst, MS Information
July 4th Stars & Stripes 5K - Oxford, MS Information
July 4th Wesson Memorial 2 Miler - Ocean Springs, MS Information
July 9th Sunfish Triathlon - Meridian, MS Information
July 16th Belmont 5K 4 Charity - Belmont, MS Information
July 16th St. Joe Bruin Burn 5K - Madison, MS Information
July 23rd Become A Superhero For St Judes 10K/5K - Hattiesburg, MS Information
July 30th Swinging Bridge 5K - Byram, MS Information

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